Wright Brothers Landscaping Designs, Installs and Maintains Landscapes That Add Visual Appeal and Increase Property Values

Wright Brothers Landscaping wants to make your dreams a reality and help you create the ultimate outdoor living space! We will take your project from start to finish with landscape designs, installation, and maintenance.

Serving Warwick, NY and Surrounding Areas

We Provide Landscaping to Both Residential and Commercial Properties in Warwick, NY and Surrounding Areas

Landscape Designs

A beautiful landscape by Wright Brothers all starts with the design. We meet with our clients on-site for their initial consultation. We survey the area and provide our clients with several options based on their desires. Let Wright Brothers Landscaping help you select and install the right plants for your landscaping. We select plants, shrubs, and trees with an emphasis on native plant materials. We can offer a variety of landscaping designs with a focus on:

  • Hiding your foundation
  • Screening for privacy
  • Providing shade
  • Simple aesthetics

Landscape Installations

Time to build your landscape the Wright Way! After choosing your design, we start implementing the concept with the landscape installation. Our team of experts gets to work planting your flower beds, trees, shrubs, and finish the look off with fresh mulch to create your new and improved landscape

Landscape Maintenance Services

Regular landscaping maintenance is crucial to protect your investment while keeping it healthy and beautiful. Our landscape maintenance services include flower bed upkeep, mulching, pruning, and trimming.

Water Features

Water features are a welcomed addition to any landscape. Fountains, garden ponds, and waterfalls offer an aesthetic focal point, as well as create soothing sounds. Add a stream or waterfall to your pool to take it to the next level!