Wright Brothers Landscaping Builds Hardscapes That Increase Property Values, Add Style and Function

Hardscaping completes a property’s landscape design, providing greater detail and a sense of organization to the natural areas and features. Additionally, hardscaping defines the use of a space, such as with a driveway. Or, hardscaping leads visitors through different areas of your property. Carefully planned landscape elements combine with hardscaping to deliver stunning visuals, add useful features to your living space and give a luxurious vibe to your property.

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How Does Hardscaping Affect Your Property?

Hardscaping completes a property’s landscape design. If defines the use of space and a sense of organization to the natural areas and features. Carefully planned landscape elements combined with hardscaping delivers stunning visuals, adds useful features and gives a luxurious vibe to your property.

We Provide Hardscaping to Both Residential and Commercial Properties in Warwick, NY and Surrounding Areas

We Provide the Following Hardscape Elements

Outdoor Kitchens

Bring the kitchen outdoors with you! An outdoor kitchen by the Wright Brothers helps you take outdoor living to the next level. This is the perfect addition to your home for entertaining guests and enjoying the great outdoors.


Looking for a space to relax and enjoy the great outdoors in your downtime? A patio is a great space for dining, recreation, and overall family fun.

Fire Pits

Nothing says family fun night like a fire pit! If you’re looking for an all-around addition to your property that’s both aesthetic and functional – you have to go with a fire pit by Wright Brothers.

Retaining Walls

A multi-level landscape is more aesthetically appealing than its flat counterparts. Retaining walls sets the stage for landscaping that spans multiple levels, adding stylish visual elements to your property.

Paver Driveways/Walkways

 Paver driveways are a stylish addition to your home or business. They offer much more curb appeal than the standard concrete driveway and they require less maintenance than concrete. They are durable and handle the weight of vehicles without cracking or damaging.

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